Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Must know programming languages for Developer

If you want to be a developer and like to begin your career in programming field. Then these are the top 10 programming language you should know. Understanding at least one programming language also makes an impressive addition to your resume.

In this article I am going to list out the popular programming language and its online tutorials reference.

1. Python:

Python is developed for non programmer to write a basic program for their needs. But later it become the one of the popular high level object oriented programming language. Its readability and compact syntax make it easy for beginners. Now a days it can be used as a server-side scripting language for website, Scientific calculation, Mobile and Desktop application development, Test automation scripting and etc. It is also used by Google, Yahoo! and NASA, Instagram and Pinterest. You can learn python from  Codecademy,Lynda.com, LearnPython.org, Python.org

2. PHP:

It is a free open source server side scripting language which is designed for dynamic website. Most of the dynamic website in the world are powered by PHP. It is very famous among web developer due to the reason that it can be directly embedded into an HTML source document rather than an external file, which has made it a popular programming language Learn PHP from Codecademy,Lynda.com, Treehouse, Zend Developer Zone , PHP.net

3.Java Script:

It is a client and later become server-side scripting language for developing interactive or animated web functions. It is also used in game development and writing desktop applications. It derives much of its syntax from C. It is developed by Netscape for their web browsers project. One important things to note is it is not Java programming language, In syntax it may look like JAVA but in reality it is completely different programming language. Learn this langue from Codecademy, Lynda.com, Code School, Treehouse, Learn-JS.org

4. Ruby:

Ruby language is object-oriented scripting language for developing websites and mobile apps. It is very famous in recent days. It powers the Ruby on Rails framework, which is used on Scribd, GitHub, Groupon and Shopify. Learn Ruby from Codecademy, Code School, TryRuby.org, RubyMonk

5. C Language:

It is a general purpose programming language which was developed in the early 70s. C is the oldest and most used language which leads to other language like C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. C is mainly used for implementing operating systems and embedded applications. It also provides foundation for other languages too and learning C language is highly recommended which makes learning other programming language very easy. Learn it from here Learn-C, Introduction To Programming ,Lynda.com, TITLE, CProgramming.com, Learn C The Hard Way

6. C++:

It is object oriented version C programming language which is designed to enhance the C language, C++ powers software like Firefox, Wimamp and All Adobe programs. It develops system software, applications software, high-performance server, client applications and video games. Learn this language at Lynda.com, CPlusPlus.com, LearnCpp.com, CProgramming.com


This language has a huge demand mainly for enterprise software, more secure web based content, games, mobile app and very famous Android OS. Java can work across several software platform which means if its written on Mac OS then it can also run on Windows and Linux. It is developed by Sun Microsystems in 1990s which was bought by Oracle. So Oracle is a current maintainer of the Java development tools.


I can say this is windows own implementation of Java. It’s called “C-sharp”. C# is a multi-paradigm language which was developed by Microsoft as part of its .Net initiative. It combines principles from C and C++. C# is a general purpose language used to develop software fro Microsoft and windows platform. You can learn it from Lynda.com, Microsoft Virtual Academy,TutorialsPoint.com

9. Objective C

If you hear this word first don’t’ scare this is nothing but Apple version of Java. We have three major platform which spread across the world. Linux, Windows and Apple Mac OS. Objective C is again a general purpose, object-oriented programming language and its used by Apple’s operating system. It powers Apple’s OS X and iOS, as well as its APIs. It can also be used to create iPhone apps. Learn it from Lynda.com, Mac Developer Library, Cocoa Dev Central, Mobile Tuts+

10. SQL:

Structured Query Language(SQL) is a special-purpose language which is used to manage data in relational database management systems. It is used for the “Query” function, in searching informational databases. SQL can be learnt from Lynda.com,SQLCourse.com, TutorialsPoint.com, SQLZoo.net

I hope this article will give some insight of top 10 programming langue which is used by most of the Software companies. Feel free to give a comment below.