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Know More About Raspberry pi

What is the Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a small computer with the components mounted on a credit card sized motherboard, running a dedicated version of Linux.Capable of offering basic office computing, low-level gaming, Internet and email access, media playback and many other features regularly expected from a computer in the 21st century, the Pi achieves all of this with a stripped-down component count, an ARM processor and a very low price. Costs are kept so low by selling the computer without cables, storage or a case.

Alternatives to Raspberry pi

  • BeagleBone Black : The BeagleBoard is a low-power open-source hardware single-board computer designed with open source software. It came late to the market compare to raspberry pi. But it is more powerful than raspberry pi.
  • ODROID: a slightly bulkier computer with the same processor as a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. This runs Android and Ubuntu operating systems.
  • Gooseberry: currently unavailable, this device runs Android and is a little larger than the Raspberry Pi

Look at inside the Raspberry pi

For such a small device you would probably except the spec of the Pi to be low  But this device isn't to stripped back that you won't be able to gain some use from it.

It has a ARM processor which clocks at speed of 700MHz with 512MB RAM more than enough to run embedded software. USB, Ethernet, HDMI, RCA and 3.5mm audio ports.

It has two version Model A and Model B. Model B is a updated version of the initial raspberry pi (Model A) with more RAM size and USB ports.

Some components, such as storage, are left to the Pi’s buyer to deal with. Cables and even the device’s case are not included when you purchase one of these devices new.

See the full spec of the raspberry pi

Some useful application of Raspberry pi

  • Plug & Play Computer
  • Small personal web server
  • Media play center(XMBS)
  • Home Security System
  • Personal Cloud Storage.
  • Surveillance web camera
Actuall the possibility is endless. People making raspberry pi as most powerful application oriented devices.

Check out the Some of awesome  Raspberry pi projects.

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